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Small Group Questions 6/16/24

  1. Discuss Matthew 7:5 within the context of this lesson. What observations can we make?

  2. Discuss David's reaction to being called out by Nathan. What can we learn from this?

  3. What is Jesus saying in Matthew 18:35? What are the implications to us and how might this change our focus on the importance of complete forgiveness in all our relationships?

Small Group Questions 4/28/24

  1. Discuss the PURPOSE of your small group.

  2. In what ways is your small group meeting its purpose?

  3. In what ways is your small group NOT meeting its purpose?

  4. What intentional plans does your small group have to invite others?

Small Group Questions 4/7/24

  1. How might our intellect prevent us from truly committing to following Jesus and being his disciple?

  2. If your heart is not "into something" odds are you will not be invested fully. What are the implications for Christians and our desire to be Disciples of Christ?

  3. How can the Bride of Christ do a better job at being the hands and feet of Jesus and how might this be related to taking up one's cross, and denying self?

Small Group Questions 3/24/24

  1. What do I need to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing in order to not "quench or put out" the Holy Spirit within me?

  2. Talking bad about others, being negative, and not using my God given talents are all ways that I might be "grieving the Spirit." What are 3 things I need to change this year to rid myself of those traits?​

Small Group Questions 3/17/24

1. How does being unified in Christ, as a family of like-minded Christians, enable us to give control over to the Holy Spirit so that He can fill us?

2. What individual changes are necessary to be obedient to the command to "be filled with the Spirit?"

3. Does the way I am living my life right now "disconnect" me from the power source that is the Holy Spirit?


4. How can I be empty and open so that the Holy Spirit has access to my entire being?

Small Group Questions 3/10/24

1. We tend to focus on specific attributes of the fruit of the Spirit that come to us naturally while ignoring other attributes with which we struggle. Discuss the ramifications of this within your group

2. How can the Church embrace an eagerness for unity mindset? What obstacles/barriers do you need to remove from your thinking to make this happen?

3. In what ways might we have misunderstood the "in-dwelling" of the Holy Spirit? How has this impacted your views about how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of Christians today?

Small Group Questions 3/3/24

1. How does our view of the Holy Spirit as an "IT" rather than a PERSON of equal importance in the Godhead influence how we understand his function within our lives?

2. Why do you think the church does not talk/teach

more on the Holy Spirit?

3. Do you think our overall lack of understanding about the Holy Spirit impacts our  1) Spiritual

Maturity and 2) Lack of Unity. If so, how?

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